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You will learn how I made #5,000,000 with #50,000 investment.
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DATE: November 30,2019

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  • There is no better time to start your journey into wealth through cryptocurrencies like now. Everyday people like you who understood this opportunity early have become financially wealthy and financially free right now and we are still in early days yet.
  • Less than 0.5% of the world’s population hold Bitcoin and less than 0.18% of the world’s population holds any other form of cryptocurrency.
  • So, if you attend, I will show you what cryptocurrency to buy and how to invest it
  • You will get the step to step guide of how I made 10,000% profit with cryptocurrency
  • Lastly, you will learn how I made 5million Naira with 50,000 Naira cryptocurrency investment.


Like almost everyone else, I first heard of Bitcoin in 2012 and like almost everyone else, I simply ignored it. I assumed it was one of the very many scams and ponzi schemes ( wish I had just researched it then!).

Fast forward to 2016, because of my involvement in the financial markets since 2012, I began to notice an increase in the discourse around the topic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on the internet in the various chat group on the subject of the financial markets that I belong online.

So, I decided to take a look at the subject. I pulled out my laptop and an eBook on cryptocurrencies I had purchased on Amazon and I started researching. This was on the 2nd of October 2016, it was a day I will never forget! For four weeks straight, I was getting less than five hours of sleep per day.

What I had discovered was mind blowing!

I had heard of the term THE TRANSFER OF WEALTH while growing up. Now, it was clear to me how this was going to happen!

  • I understood what our current debt based financial system is.
  • Why it is dangerously flawed and why wealth is shifting from it into cryptocurrencies.
  • I studied the cryptocurrency markets inside out, understood its cycles ( this market moves in cycles, if you understand its cycles you will be made for life) and the immense financial wealth creation possible in the space.


  • In the cryptocurrency market, you can make 100 times and even 1,000 times your investment.

For example,

  • In October of 2016, I bought #50,000 worth of Ethereum. Ethereum was selling at $7 at that time. I sold it in December of 2017 when Ethereum was selling at over $800. I made over a hundred times my investment.
  • My #50,000  investment in that single cryptocurrency had made me over  #5,000,000 !!! ( by simply buying and holding or hodling as it’s called in the crypto space). In all, my little #50,000 here, my small #30,000  there made me some life transforming gains in the last Bitcoin halving cycle.
learn how to invest in cryptocurrency


My name is Dr. Lawoyin Lolade. I’m a cryptocurrency investor, trader, influencer and coach. I live, eat, sleep and breathe cryptocurrency. A decentralized block chain and crypto currency enthusiast with a passion to help individuals and groups of people new to the Crypto space learn how to navigate this space.

I am committed to helping newcomers in this space invest in crypto currencies to create financial wealth and become an integral part of the emerging new economy.


I have been in this space since January of 2016. I invested in Ethereum when it was around $7 dollars. I sold my ether in Dec of 2017 when it hit over $800. I am not here to tell you, you will become rich overnight. No, not at all. I want to take you on a journey to wealth and financial freedom. With my strategy and specific crypto assets I will recommend, in the next 2 years, you would be able to comfortably retire. Remember, there are over 1,800 cryptocurrencies at the moment. You need an experienced hand to guide you 

My Package

1. A do it yourself, screenshot illustrated eBook.
2. A hands-on manual that will guide you from the very basics of converting your fiat currency (Naira, Dollars, Pounds etc.) into bitcoin and how to move the bitcoin to a cryptocurrency exchange and converting it on the exchange to the altcoin (all other crypto apart from bitcoin are known as altcoin) of your choice.
3. A WhatsApp/Telegram group: a platform where you will have full access to me in case you need one on one guidance.
4. A weekly email/WhatsApp/Telegram post for my subscribers in which I analyze the current state of the market. I also do my crypto recommendation through this medium.

With this 3 in 1 package and our constant interfacing via email, WhatsApp and telegram, you are set for wealth. Coin/token picks: our crypto picks (apart from bitcoin) that will guarantee 10,000% plus returns in this next Bull Run.


How much will all these cost you?

In proper valuation

The eBook and the direct access to my weekly market analysis above costs N50,000 BUT….

I will be very generous. I desire to lead on army of young Nigerians (who probably have tried so many online schemes without any result) to the wealth and prosperity that is available in the cryptospace.

I will not charge you N50,000!

I will charge N20,000 only for the package. This discount will only be available for a short period of time after which the price will revert back to its normal value.

NOTE: The reason for this discount is so you can learn and partake in the wealth creation move and break out of poverty. Our goal is to equip you to make wealth. In this vast world of this emerging asset class you need an experienced hand to hold your hands and lead you. To receive your eBooks and all the services attached. Pay in the amount of N20,000 only into any of this account.

ACCOUNT NAME: cryptolearninvest  Nig Ltd
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1022776856

Send an email and or a text message which should include the name with which you made the deposit or transfer to and 08174140246 (text message only) respectively. When I receive the credit alert of your deposit/transfer. I will send the download link of the eBook into your mail and add you up to my WhatsApp group.

Waiting to see you on the other side…